How Can You Wear The Crown Without Dying On The Cross?


I’m back!  Here is your “Oh, Lord It’s Monday” fresh edition.  Sometimes you simply need to hear what others say.  Today is such a case.  When we want the Crown of Life without our own Cross, we seek the cheap and easy way.  Jesus calls us first to the Cross, OUR Cross, and it is a daily call.  If we bypass our own daily Cross, then the things that make us miserable and the Monday Morning spirit grows stronger in us.  Much of our misery comes from the seed of the Enemy that makes us desire the Crown but without the Cross.  Only by dying daily to self, and it does require suffering, can we ever hope to receive the Crown of Life.  Here’s the sign we all need:  “NO CROSS–NO CROWN!”

But when we allow ourselves to die daily and even at times moment by moment on that Cross, we can confidently say, “Good!  Lord it’s Monday!  What shall we do together?”  Let’s pray:

Forgive me for wanting fruit without the work involved that produces the fruit.  Forgive me for seeking my comfort over the Cross.  I choose this moment to be crucified to all my desires for something easy.  I know you are with me, so I trust you, even when I it requires suffering for Your sake.  Amen and Amen!


Author: Pastor Randy

I have been a life-long pastor but recently God has kindled a fire in me about His calling for my life. For nearly 40 years my life and this ministry was centered on "the church". God has set me on a journey to become more than a "church" pastor, but to be a "Kingdom Pastor". Join me in this new journey of God's plans and purposes for HIS Kingdom

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